Carefully Curated
A successful practitioner of virtually every literary genre. While his first collection of poems, Slide Show, was published in England, hissecond, BomGay, formed the basis of the experimental and much-talked-about film BomGay, directed by Riyad Wadia. Rao is one of ten poets discussed in the chapter ‘New Poets in Bruce Kings Modern Indian Poetry in English he reappears in a chapter titled ‘Adil Jussawalla and R. Raj Rao The Politics of the Avant-Garde in Hoshang Merchants Forbidden Sex, Forbidden Texts New Indias Gay Poets.His anthology appearances are in Yaraana,India in Verse, and a forthcoming one from HarperCollins, edited by Sudeep Sen. He also finds mention in a special number of Poetry Review London. One of the founder members of the Bombay Poetry Circle in 1986, Rao currently is professor in the Department of English, University of Pune.

Books by R. Raja Rao