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B. 1958 is a poet, editor and visual artist. His six books of poetry include Kavita Granthali, 1990 a collection of his early poetry and Search Engine Granthali, 2004. These collections have been followed by three volumes of poetry - All that I Wanna Do Abhidanantar, 2005, Mutatis Mutandis Poetrywala, 2006, Two Poems 2006 and Smiles 2007 His first book of visual poetry 1,2,3... Happy Galaxy 2007 and his latest book of visual poetry-Sick Paintings is published by Abhidhanantar & Poetrywala in 2013. In 1982, he edited Sankalp A collection of essays by social activists in Maharashtra.. His second book, the novel Ashant Parva Season of Unrest, 1992, concerns itself with the construction of a politically sensitive self in post-industrial India. He has exhibited solo and in group in India and abroad

Books by Sanjeev Khandekar