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One of the most significant modernist Indian writer, critic and translator to emerge in the post-independence period. One of the most significant modernist Marathi writer, Vilas Sarang has written remarkable short stories, poems, a novel and also brilliant pieces of criticism in his first language Marathi as well as in English. His Marathi short story collections are Soledad 1975 and Atank 1999 and translations of his stories in English are collected in A Fair Tree of the Void 1990 and more recently The Women in the Cages 2006. A selection of his short stories also appeared in French translation in 1988. His English novel The Dinosaur Ship2005 and his Marathi novel is Enkichya Rajyat. His Marathi collection of poems is published under the title Kavita 1969-1984 and his collection of English poems is published as A Kind of Silence1978. He has also written significant criticism in Marathi Sisyphus ani Bolakka and Aksharanchya Shrama Kela2000.He has also published The Stylistics of Literary Translation 1988 and edited the anthology Indian English Poetry Since 1950 1989. He has also edited reputed literary journals like the Bombay Review and The Post Post Review. His Marathi book सर्जनशोध आणि लिहिता लेखक Pursuit of Creation and Author Engaged in Writing received an award of Government of Maharashtra in year 2008.

Books by Vilas Sarang