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Ashraf Aboul-Yazid (1963) is an Egyptian poet, novelist, translator and a prolific literary critic whose work has been translated from the Arabic into several languages including English, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Turkish, Italian, Swedish, and Persian. Since his first collection of poetry, Washwashat Al Bahr, (the Whisper of the Sea) in 1989, over twenty volumes of poetry, novels, essays, art criticism, travelogues and biographical writings have been published. Some of his diverse writings include The Story of an Artist Who Lived 5000 Years, History of Art for Children (Cairo, 2006) and The Silk Road (A Cultural Pictorial Encyclopaedia, 2013). In 2014, Ashraf won the prestigious Manhae Prize in Literature. At present he is the president of Asia Journalist Association (AJA).

Books by Ashraf Aboul Yazid