Carefully Curated
Kersy Katrak was born in Bombay in 1936,was ordained a Parsi priest at 12,and began writing poetry at 16. Mentored by Nissim Ezekial,Katrak was one of the finest poets published in the Illustrated weekly of India in the early post-independence years. In 1965,he founded MCM,the agency that went on to spearhead a creative revolution in Indian advertising.Katrak published four volumes of collected verse from 1969 through the next two decades: A Journal of the Way (1969) Diversions by the Wayside (1969) Underworld (1979) Purgatory: Songs from the Holy Planet(1984) He also published a book of spiritual essays, Five Little Sermons Went To Market (1971), co-written with his wife,Usha.

Books by Kersy Katrak