Carefully Curated
Author:  Dilip Purushottam Chitre,
Publisher:  Paperwall
Publication Year:  2013
ISBN-13:  9789382749059
Language:  English
Edition:  1
Binding:  Paperback
Pages:  208
Price:  USD 16
Translated By:  Jayant Deshpande

About translator Jayant Deshpande  
Jayant Deshpande was born in India in 1952, but lived abroad for many years before returning to India in 1984. He was educated in India, Africa, and then largely in Canada, where he graduated from Western University and the University of Toronto. His interests include music, photography, literature and translation, science, philosophy as well as essay writing. Since 2002 he contributed to the Mumbai-based quarterly New Quest and was later its assistant editor till 2010. He has published his English translations of selected short fiction in Marathi by Dilip Chitre, Bhau Padhye and Baburao Bagul.

About The Bombay Quartet  
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