Carefully Curated
Author:  Zingonia Zingone,
Publisher:  Poetrywala
Publication Year:  2014
ISBN-13:  9789382749110
Language:  Marathi
Edition:  1
Binding:  Paperback
Pages:  60
Price:  USD 10
Translated By:  Hemant Divate

About translator Hemant Divate  
b.1967 is an internationally well-known Marathi poet, editor, publisher and translator. His published works include Chautishiparyantchya Kavita Poems Till Thirty-Four, Thambtach Yet Nahi Just Cant Stop and Ya Roommadhye Aale Ki Life Suru Hote The Moment You Enter This Room, Life Begins. His poems have been translated into English, French, Spanish, German, Urdu, Arabic, Gujarati, Bengali, Hindi, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. The celebrated poet and translator Dilip Chitre translated Chautishiparyantchya Kavita into English and titled the book Virus Alert which then has been translated into Spanish-Alarma De Virus by Zingonia Zingone and in Irish as Folireamh Vris by Gabriel Rosenstock.

About Zingonia Zingonechya Kavita  
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