Carefully Curated
Author:  Ra Sh,
Publisher:  Poetrywala
Publication Year:  2015
ISBN-13:  9789382749031
Language:  English
Edition:  1
Binding:  Paperback
Pages:  80
Price:  USD 12

About Architecture of Flesh  
" He (Ra Sh) distances the body, makes it a myth of its own, and inhabits that space to write into the flesh. His poems read like the textual equivalent of tattoos and body piercings--the constant need for pain and masochism, the jubilation that follows an act of self-mutilation. He writes of shredded testicles and existential clots, immersion pumps and pet corpuscles, night emissions and silent embryos. In an act of inversion, he treats words like bodies too, dissecting and deconstructing them, tracing their etymology or transposing English coinages with Tamil songs, all in an act of sarcasm and effrontery, fully self aware that he can get away with such experimentation as long as it reads brilliantly. And it does." Meena Kandasamy
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