Carefully Curated
Author:  K. Srilata,
Publisher:  Poetrywala
Publication Year:  2015
ISBN-13:  9789382749295
Language:  English
Edition:  1
Binding:  Paperback
Pages:  88
Price:  USD 15

About Bookmarking the Oasis  
Blurb (Bookmarking the Oasis) The poems in Bookmarking the Oasis slide between water and land as they reflect on boundaries, partings, and the identities thrust on us. Luminous, quiet, courageous, Srilata’s poems plunge into the poetics of the everyday, recording fugitive moments with humour, irony and compassion. Nothing escapes the poet’s eye, whether the classroom’s tyranny for both teacher and taught, the blindness of experts, the vulnerabilities of childhood, or the volatile interiors of the human mind. Some poems draw on other poets’ voices, beginning conversations and uncovering strange resonances. Connecting it all is the image of the oasis, unexpected, delicious; a serene, fluid clearing in the mind, bookmarked for later, that allows poetry – and everything else – to happen.
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