Carefully Curated
Author:  Zingonia Zingone,
Publisher:  Poetrywala
Publication Year:  2016
ISBN-13:  9789382749424
Language:  English
Edition:  1
Binding:  Paperback
Pages:  66
Price:  USD 10
Translated By:  Zingonia Zingone With Maria Pallais

About translator Zingonia Zingone With Maria Pallais  
Maria Pallais is a bilingual journalist, editor and writer with a Master's Degree in Journalism from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism. She is also a graduate of Columbia University's School of General Studies where she wrote an honors thesis comparing Virginia Woolf's The Waves with Isidore Ducasse's (Lautramont) Les Chants de Maldoror. She has published two novels in Spanish and has translated several movie scripts from Spanish into English in the past. Ms Pallais is currently a citizen of Mexico City but she grew up in Nicaragua, began her professional career in London, England and finally settled in New York City after studying in Paris, France. She is about to be a fellow at the English Department of the University of Mysore, in India.

About Light, the Temptation  
In Zingonia's new poems it is a similar exercise that is happening. Instead of justifying the ways of God to men, these poems seem to me to be the ways of men and women to God. This daring act of a moment of surrender to the pristine unity of every thing cements the diverse poems here into one epic of mutations and metamorphoses. In this world the persona an Algerian beggar can merge into one of Jesus. Atoms and stars partake of the same reality as a flower. The fractured fates of Shen Fu, Maurice Utrillo and Max Jacob, which are acts of recurrent human tragedy become settings of Divine Comedy. Though the thrust of Zingonia's poems is indubitably mystical, their mysticism goes beyond orthodoxies and heterodoxies of what is generally considered mystical. Their laconic beauty has the palpability of something militantly this- worldly as if Eternity is indissolubly in love with creations of time. At this point my words want to go back to the eloquent silence of these poems. I am sure other readers of this remarkable work will find these poems as enchanting and enlightening as I did. 'Light, the Temptation' is not a work to be read and abandoned. It invites us to contemplate on the rich resonances of its deceptively simple expressions in order to return the world to the world, ourselves to ourselves, meanings to our world where faceless robots are marching blindly towards irredeemable emptiness. - H S Shivaprakash (an excerpt from his introductory note)
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