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In today’s times, trying to publish something as niche as poetry and then making it reach out to a minority audience scattered in an overflowing, frivolous market, with no media support and attention given to this wonderful facet of literature, requires immense commitment and an adventurous spirit. Poetrywala - the imprint is devoted entirely to publishing contemporary poetry. It started ten years ago with the publication of Hemant Divate’s collection of Marathi poems in English translation by Dilip Chitre Virus Alert. Since then, Poetrywala has brought out more than 45 exquisitely produced collections of the most significant new and veteran voices in the country and abroad.

Along with the major Indian poets such as the late Dilip Chitre and Vilas Sarang, Poetrywala has published the books of significant younger poets in English, including R. Raj Rao, Sampurna Chattarji, Anand Thakore and Mustansir Dalvi. It has also published volumes of international poets like Ben Mazer and Zingonia Zingone. Apart from the quality of poetry it publishes, Poetrywala is also renowned for the superb production value it renders its books. It has published significant Marathi poets such as Dilip Chitre, Vilas Sarang, Hemant Divate and Sachin Ketkar in English translation as well as in Marathi. It has also consistently provided a solid platform to emerging talents in Marathi poetry by publishing collections of major new voices.

Poetrywala believes that all creative forms, especially poetry, can bring the world audiences a little closer. Therefore, it is doing its bit by taking small but strong steps to plug the gaps and to build strong bridges across the world among cultures and peoples.

This year marks its twelfth year in poetry publishing. Poetrywala has recently come out with the collections of Indian English poets Manohar Shetty, Mustansir Dalvi, R. Raj Rao, Sarabjeet Garcha and Ankur Betagiri. More books, including those of poets Arun Sagar and Tsippy Levin Byron, and translations of the well-known poets Vasant Aabaji Dahake, Mangalesh Dabral, Dilip Chitre and Hemant Divate, are slated to be released in 2013.

The publishing house is open to publishing quality poetry in all Indian languages and in English translation.

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