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      About the Editors

      Poet and philosopher, born in Germany, then lived and studied in Canada before attending London School of Economics for Philosophy of Science. After returning to Germany and studying classical philosophy in Heidelberg, he did his PhD in Political Philosophy at Free University of Berlin.
      In 1988 he moved to Athens, Greece, where he created the group of poets “Touchstone”, organized a major conference on Culture in Europe for the Flemmish Community of Belgium (Culture building Stone of Europe, 1994) and thereafter poetry workshops in Crete, including the “Myth of the City” in 1995. Since then, he coordinated European projects and the activities of the NGO “Poiein and Prattein” established in 2002. He has been as well advisor for the Greens to the Cultural Committee of the European Parliament. Since 2005, he coordinates worldwide actions of Guernica Youth to let peace murals be painted on a canvas of the same size as Picasso’s Guernica. In close collaboration with European Capitals of Culture, he has created an archive to trace how Europe is connected through culture. Besides his philosophical writings, his poetry responds to what is happening in the world. His poems were translated in several languages, among which in Italian, in the ‘Argo Annuario’ 2015. Also his poems were translated in Spanish when he attended the 26th World Poetry Festival in Medellin, Colombia June 2016. The same poems were translated in Greek and published by Cyceon tales, Greece in early 2017. The book was presented by himself in Eleusis at the publisher’s initiative on the 13th February.
      He passed away in May 2017. Hatto Fischer was in constant dialogue with renowned poets all over the world.

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