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      Franck Andre Jammes writing has been praised by poets Rene Char who asked him to oversee the publication of his complete works in the Bibliotheque de la Pleiade, Henri Michaux who described him as a writer of a rare quality and John Ashbery who translated Jammes La R?citation de loubli, The Recitation of Forgetting. Jamme has published sixteen collections of poetry, fragments and tablets since 1981, as well as numerous illustrated books. His poetry is included in the Yale Anthology of Twentieth-Century French Poetry Yale University Press, 2004. Published translations include Moon Wood Selavy Press, 2000, Extracts from the Life of a Beetle, The Recitation of Forgetting, Another Silent Attack Black Square Editions, 2000, 2003,2006, New Exercises Wave Books, 2008 and Tantra Song Siglio Press, 2011 – and, in India, a Hindi version of Moon Wood Conjunction, 2000. Jamme has also translated the work of Lokenath Bhattacharya, Udayan Vajpeyi and John Ashbery. In 2005 he received the Grand Prix de Poesie de la Societe des Gens de Lettres for his lifes work. He is also a specialist and curator of contemporary Indian tantric, brut and tribal arts.

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