Ajit Abhang

Ajit Abhang, born in 1980, is a poet and he writes poetry in his mother tongue- Marathi. His poems have appeared in reputed Marathi journals like Abhidhanantar, Khel and Navkshar Darshan. His articles on socio-political issues have been published by Navi Sansad and Apala Param-Mitra. He has also won the prestigious ‘Best Poet Award’ from Abhidhanantar in 2006. Ajit, with his passion for social research, has done several pieces of research in different subjects like Naka-kamagara, SHGs and Women in Unorganized Sectors, Psyco-political issues of migration etc. and his papers have been published in reputed journals. He has been in publication and journalism sector since last more than 10 years and has shouldered diverse responsibilities right from content writer to feature editor. He was also associated with several publications as the language editor. ‘Gaibanyavanacha’; is his first collection of poems published by Poetry primero.