Babitha Marina Justin

Babitha Marina Justin is an academic, poet and artist from India. Her poems, short
stories and articles have appeared in Taylor and Francis journals, Marshal
Cavendish, The Yearbook (2020), Singing in the Dark (Penguin), Eclectica, Esthetic
Apostle, Jaggery, Fulcrum, The Scriblerus, Trampset, Constellations, Indian
Literature, etc. Her books are Of Fireflies, Guns and the Hills (Poetry, 2015), I Cook
My Own Feast (Poetry, 2019), salt, pepper and silverlinings: celebrating our
grandmothers (an anthology on grandmothers, 2019), From Canons to Trauma
(Essays, 2017)

  • Forty Five Shades of Brown

    About the Book

    Babitha Marina Justin’s poems, woven around self, nature, and body, have an organic architecture, gothic or temple-like,  with metaphors working like sculpted images or murals around a central experience. They are honest, at times confessional, often with memories from childhood and adolescence for their raw materials; but they do not shy away from natural calamities and existential crises. Babitha's poems are at once deeply Indian and instinctively feminine in their deployment of images and the organization of experiences.
    – K Satchidanandan

    Babitha Marina Justin has a distinct voice that is passionately lyrical and personal to the point of abandon, and in these COVID times, poetry too has also taken a Corona-Shaped turn. Her world is not only herself, but her neighbourhood, and the larger country which she peppers with a persistent historical awareness, of the Muziris and the Jews. She celebrates their joys and mourns the murky, screaming out the lurking fury in her unique verses.
    – Sivakami Velliangiri