Brane Mozetic

Brane Mozetič (b. 1958) is a Slovenian poet, writer, editor and translator from French (Rimbaud, Genet, Foucault, etc.). His oeuvre extends to 16 poetry collections, a book of short stories, three novels and 6 children’s picture books. He has edited four poetry anthologies and several presentations of contemporary Slovenian literature. He has more than 70 books in translation, making him one of the most translated contemporary Slovenian authors. He also organises translation workshops, readings of Slovenian authors abroad, a small literary and music festival Living Literature etc.

  • Obsessed with Life

    About the Book

    “Mozetič’s verse conjures a distinctly gay way of looking at the world. It is both placid and paranoid, opening the world into paper-thin layers of sex, loneness and non-disingenuous self-reflection. His lyric has a remarkable flow, his language is persuasively simple, and his tone is forthright, all of which give the shattered heart at the core of this book a strange magnetic force.”

        – Akhil Katyal, poet, translator, scholar and queer activist