K. Satchidanandan

K. Satchidanandan, poet, critic, translator, playwright, travel writer and academic, has published more than 20 collections of poetry in Malayalam. His Collected Poems, 1965–2015 came out in 2016, as did The Missing Rib (Poetrywala), a 600- page volume of his poems, in his own translation. His earlier collections in English include While I Write (HarperCollins, 2011) and Misplaced Objects and Other Poems (Sahitya Akademi, 2014). He has also authored 20 collections of essays on literature, philosophy and social issues, two plays, three travel books and a memoir in Malayalam besides four books on comparative Indian literature in English. He has 7 collections of poetry in Hindi translation and has 25 collections of his poetry in other languages including French, Italian, German, Irish, Arabic, Chinese and English besides major Indian languages. His translations from world poetry have recently been collected in four volumes of around 450 pages each. He has represented India in several literary festivals and book fairs in Asia, Europe, Australia, US and South America. He has won 47 awards for his literary contribution, including Kerala Sahitya Akademi Award (five times, for five genres), Sahitya Akademi Award, Kuvempu National Award (Karnataka), NTR National Award and Bappureddy Award (Andhra Pradesh), Kusumagraj National Award (Maharashtra), Gangadhar Meher National Award and Kavisamrat Upendra Bhanja award (Orissa), besides all the major literary awards in Kerala including the highest, Ezhuthacahan Award. He is a Fellow of the Kerala Sahitya Akademi and has been honoured with a Knighthood by the Government of Italy, the Dante Medal by Dante Institute, Ravenna and the Indo-Polish Friendship Medal by the Government of Poland. His name also figured in the Ladbroke list of Nobel Prize probables in 2011. Satchidanandan lives with his family in Delhi.

  • The Missing Rib (PB)

    About the Book

    This is a dark, powerful, pulsating collection of poems, the effect of which continues to reverberate, disturb and shock one out of one?s complacency long after one has finished reading them.. The Hindu (reviewing So Many Births) Satchidanandan’s poetry is an irresistible mix of the real, surreal, intellectual, sensual, and spiritual. Satchidanandan does not shy away from asking deeper existential questions -of being, freedom, love, compassion, nature, language, death Shanta Acharya (reviewing While I Write in Modern Poetry in Translation) Satchidanandan’s ‘I’ tells stories about itself, and like all good story-tellers, by telling its own story, his ‘I’ ends up telling stories about others as well. There is an ethical bent in this aesthetic enterprise, where fondness and empathy towards others enter your lines and transform your poetry the way they once transformed your life. Manash Bhattacharya (reviewing While I Write in Biblio) K. Satchidanandan is definitely not a poet who keeps aloof from the world. He is a poet on a journey.. Poetry for him is a cry against all walls? It is his cosmopolitanism that makes Satchidanandan interesting beyond India. Dr. Wolfgang Kubin (Reviewing the German collection, Ich Globe Nicht an Grenzen in Orientierungen: Zeitschrift zur Kultur)


    About the Book

    Not Only The Oceans carries twenty five poems, including along sequence composed by K. Satchidanandan during 2015-2017. The first six poems were written in Shimla where he spent an year as an invited National Fellow at the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies and carry the stamp of those hills with their touch of mystery as also the deep meditative experience of solitude the poet had while being there. The collection also carries a sequence of poems on Spain that he visited in 2015 as a poet invited to read in many cities including Madrid and take part in a workshop where his poems were translated into Spanish. The rest of the poems reflect his abiding concerns: love, death, war, violence and human dignity constantly violated by the inhuman State as well as the civil society with its outdated norms and values.