Sampurna Chatterjee

Sampurna chattarji is a poet, fiction-writer and translator. Her fifteen books include the poetry titles—Sight May Strike You Blind (Sahitya Akademi 2007, 2008); The Fried Frog (Scholastic 2009); Absent Muses (Poetrywala 2010); The Scorpion (HarperXXI 2013) and Space Gulliver: Chronicles of an Alien (HarperCollins 2015); the novels Rupture and Land of the Well (both from HarperCollins); a short-story collection about Bombay/Mumbai, Dirty Love (Penguin 2013); and a translation of Joy Goswami’s Selected Poems (Harper Perennial 2014, 2018). She has co-authored Elsewhere Where Else/ Lle Arall Ble Arall (Poetrywala 2018) with the Welsh poet, Eurig Salisbury, and is currently Poetry Editor of The Indian Quarterly.

  • Unmappable Moves

    About the Book

    Reading Unmappable Moves, I had the strangest sensation of time expanding and closing in. These are taut, enigmatic poems—lightning flashes with bright, insistent heartbeats.
     Lethal tales of sex and death that left me pining for more of Sampurna Chattarji’s mysterious lyric inventions.
  • Elsewhere Where Else

    About the Book

    Sampurna Chattarji and Eurig Salisbury are two of the ten poets from India and Wales who took part in a project organized by Literature Across Frontiers and partners to mark the 70th anniversary of independent India. The poets collaborated to create new work and translate each other into their respective languages during a series of residencies in both countries, alternating between the hustle and bustle of Indian metropolises and the peace and quiet of welsh towns and rural locations. The project addressed, in a myriad ways, the theme of ?independence?. In artistic practice, independence means freedom to think, act and create beyond the confines of convention and economic necessity. But successful independence-of communities and individuals alike-also involves co-independence, collaboration and understanding across divides and differences. At a time of global change which sees increasing friction between identities, we hope this project has helped to open up a unique dialogue and formulate new narratives and ideas which both uncover and move beyond histories.

  • Absent Muses

    About the Book

    Cities So tell me. Is it hot? Does it rain? Are there places you can sit on a sunny day, away from the crowd? Is it beautiful? Is it loud? What do the streets smell like? What do the women wear? Are they pretty? Do you love it? Could you leave?